Meta4 Gallery

I am pleased to announce that AppleTowne Bags, as well as a few sleeveless jackets,  are now available at Meta4 Gallery in Peterborough and Port Perry. What beautiful stores!

Introducing …the Unisex Commuter Bag (changed from Man-Bag)

Men have stuff too! And once they experience the convenience of having their critical-few items handy at all times, they choose not to do without. Here's an earth-friendly option for the stylish people in your life... designed especially for him, but appealing to her too. As with other AppleTowne bags, the material is reclaimed primarily … Continue reading Introducing …the Unisex Commuter Bag (changed from Man-Bag)

Folly Fest Weekend

A cold glass of Radler after my first on-duty-shift at the store - at the River Ferry Crafts Store - and this is as wild as she gets! Today marks the start of Gagetown's Folly Fest weekend, a hugely popular (and oh-so-well-behaved) music festival... Attendees could not ask for better camping and hanging-out outdoors weather … Continue reading Folly Fest Weekend