Lately I've been thinking about my relationship to food as I find myself carrying a stubborn 20 extra pounds, having had no 'luck' reversing the trend these past several years (when I began taking anti-anxiety medication). Over the past 11 weeks however, I have shed 9 pounds - not a huge number in itself but … Continue reading Cravings

Sent Prematurely

Hey there, Oh oh... I goofed in my earlier blog post - I wasn't supposed to press the 'publish' button just yet! You see, I'm preparing a series of posts on the big lessons I learned from depression; but entry number 1 should really come before 5... Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience ­čÖé … Continue reading Sent Prematurely

I made Zoomer!

Zoomer captured me today! I gave this interview some weeks ago and kinda forgot all about it as I got travelling to New Brunswick in mid-May, returning home only yesterday. It's nice to see my story in a general interest publication like Zoomer (the online version). Thanks for checking it out!

Mr/Mrs Harris

It's not every fabric addict that has in her pocession a large enough piece of┬ádelectable Harris Tweed with which to make something (70 cm x 140 cm, about 3/4 of a yard); not every addict is fortunate enugh to hold the genuine and authenticated wool fabric in her hands, the one with the distinguished, extra-large … Continue reading Mr/Mrs Harris